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5pb Fuses Strategic Combat With A Visual Novel In Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo



    5pb. Mages are currently working on a new visual novel titled Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo for PlayStation Vita, that seems to have some strategic RPG elements as part of the action. The official website gives us an idea of how it plays.



    The story of Kadentz revolves around the protagonist Freiya, who’ll need your help in taking on the Magician, with your wits and strategies using the game’s “FF” and “EXS” buttons, which are the key commands in combat.


    While in combat, you’ll often face two situations of a chance at victory, but you’ll also need to live through the enemy’s special attacks. The other situation will put you in a pinch, where you’ll need to use the special attack, yourself, to turn the tables.



    The “FF,” or Free Finish, is a special attack that can be used whenever you feel like it, but you might want to save it for the best possible scenario, on certain occasions. There are several of them to choose from, so that’ll also be something worth keeping in mind.



    On the other hand, the “EXS” is similar to the FF special attacks, but their effects will also differ according to the fight. For example, Mikoto might be able to choose from three “sacred treasure” types, which can change the development of the battle.


    The EXS can potentially let you control the flow of battle when used correctly.


    Finally, there’s a “FA,” or Full Access” mode, a system that lets you pull off a super special attack that can be used for a huge come-back victory when behind. However, the catch is,it can only be activated by certain characters.


    Kadenz launches later this fall in Japan for PlayStation Vita. You can also check out a teaser trailer of the game, in our earlier report.

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