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8BitDo Reveals Lots Of Nintendo Switch-Compatible Bluetooth Controllers


8bitdo 3

8bitdo revealed at E3 2018 a huge range of Bluetooth controllers that work with the Nintendo Switch, with color schemes all based off various consoles. [Thanks, Nintendo Life!]


Zero 2

8bitdo 2

8bitdo 3 8bitdo 4


The world’s tiniest and most powerful Bluetooth controller. It’s a successor to the original Zero controller, and also includes motion controls. It’s also small enough for a keychain, and comes in five colors based on the Game Boy Pocket.


N30 Pro 2

8bitdo 5

8bitdo 6 8bitdo 7


The N30 Pro has new function buttons, vibration, as well as motion controls. It charges via USB-C and comes in six colors based on different consoles such as the Nintendo Gamecube.


SN30 Pro+

8bitdo 8

8bitdo 9 8bitdo 10


The SN30 Pro+ is an enhanced version of the SN30 Pro that has new trigger buttons and handles. It comes in SNES, Super Famicom, and Gameboy colors.



8bitdo 11

8bitdo 12 8bitdo 13


The SN30 GP comes in five colors based off the Game Boy Pocket.


All the above controllers are set to come out Holiday 2018.

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