A Barkeep Offers Drinks & Adventure With A Tale of Arms And Ale



Left to tend a bar while their parents are away, a single barkeep will guide adventurers to glory, shape the political future of the city, and offer up the right drinks in story-driven RPG A Tale of Arms and Ale.


Players will be working to keep their bar in business while their parents are away, which means keeping the patrons drinking and happy. Being pub-goers in a high-fantasy setting, though, many of these customers are also looking for adventure, and the player can pass on certain quests and tasks to the right warriors in order to get missions done for the city and its people.

After a terrible event strikes the city, though, that guidance will become more important. Warring factions will appear, and it will be up to the player to choose which sides to help with their growing network of adventurers, doing missions for the faction they choose to back. As they send people to complete these story missions, they will slowly shape the political future of the city from behind the counter of their bar.


An alpha demo for A Tale of Arms and Ale is currently available through

Alistair Wong
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