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A Beer Addict And Ice Maiden Are Two Of Trails in the Flash’s Instructors


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash’s playable characters have a lot going on with features such as specialized attacks and some clashing personalities they’ll have to learn to overcome. Falcom recently introduced some of the instructors of Thors Academy, who also have their own clashing personalities… and some drinking problems.


Sara Valestin

Age: 25

Weapon: Gun & Blade

Sara is the female instructor who is in charge of Class VII. She teaches Rean and the others about the tactical use of Orbments, overall martial arts and other practical knowledge material. Her combat style revolves around her usage of a blade and gun, which is a bit unorthodox but boasts quite the fearsome prowess.


She may seem like a beautiful woman at first glance, but her private life is quite slovenly, as she can often be found drinking beer while proclaiming, “I live for this drink!” When she’s bored, she likes to take on her disciples, such as Rean, in a good fight. Her ideal man is an attractive middle-aged gentleman; however, she seems to be having trouble finding a match.



Age: 24

Weapon: Gun



Claire is a capable female officer, who is part of the Train Military Police section of the Empire’s army, and is one of the Iron Breed under Girias Osborn. She has a pretty appearance which is rare for an active duty officer such as herself, however, Claire also goes by the name “Ice Maiden” after accomplishing every military campaign, showing strong will in her conduct and capacity. It is said that even the nobles are cautious of Claire.


Rufus Albarea

Age: 27

Weapon: Sword




Rufus is Jusis’ older brother and the inheritor of the Duke Albarea’s part of the Four Noble Families. His aristocractic appearance and mannerisms fit well with his title. When he’s around the locals, Rufus is open-hearted and doesn’t display any arrogance; however, he occasionally throws out noble-minded comments, such as, “A social class system is mandatory for the empire.”


He has high influences in various parts of the empire, and seems to actively suppress any reformists in the area.


Major Neithardt

Age: 29

Weapon: Military grade Saber



Neithardt is an instructor at the Thors Academy, but he was previously a hero from the Fourth Armored Division of the empire’s army. He’s a handsome man, seems to lack earnest amiability. He doesn’t discriminate or play favorites during military drills, and has no problem making the noble students work just as hard as the others.


Neithardt seems to be a little suspicious of Class VII’s instructor, Sara, who he admits is skilled but doesn’t approve of her attitude towards life and her lenient way of teaching, which often results in conflict between the two instructors.



Age: 70

Weapon: Long Sword


Vandyck is an honorary general of the Empire’s army, and is currently serving as the head of Thors Academy. He has a large figure close to 2 meters (roughly 6’5”) and he still retains his skill in martial arts, which he sometimes displays in a playful manner with students in training.


He cooperated with the imperial director, to gather many excellent stuff members, such as Sara, to establish Class VII, which marks the first trial for the traditional Thors Academy.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash comes out in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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