link5 Kemco, the company behind 16-bit RPGs like Fantasy Chronicle, has a brand new title for Android devices. Link of Hearts follows Daichi and Lili, a boy and a girl who start the game living in a peaceful village.


One day, Lili has a dream and hears a mysterious voice. Following the voice’s advice she visits Daichi who lives next door and the two set out to find a distant tower. Of course, the fate of the world is at hand and in a fitting twist for an Android RPG one of your party members is an actual android (but not the green mascot drawn by Google).



Players can customize party members like Daichi, Lili, Mars, Venus, and Mall will different skills by equipping elemental solids which grant various abilities. If you don’t want to customize your characters you can pick the recommend option and let the game pick which solids you get. Link of Hearts also has a big world map to explore with loot filled dungeons and events that progress the story. Players can also discover additional scenarios by scouting the map.


Link of Hearts is available now in Japanese on Google Play.


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