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A Closer Look At Final Fantasy XIV’s Clans


Square Enix sent us new art of the five clans in Final Fantasy XIV, which look strikingly similar to races in Final Fantasy XI. Here’s a bit about each of them.


Elezen – Noble folk with pointy ears. While they are nomadic at heart, the Elezen ruled Eorzea, the world of Final Fantasy XIV, at one time. However, constant warfare with the Hyur took away that claim.

[Elezen]Duskwight_f_bust [Elezen]Duskwight_m_bust [Elezen]Wildwood_f_bust [Elezen]Wildwood_m_bust


Hyur – These human-like beings are all over Eorzea. In fact, they’re the most populous and diverse clan. The Hyur are also handy and sport technology the other clans don’t have.

[Hyur]Highland_m_bust [Hyur]Midland_f_bust [Hyur]Midland_m_bust


Lalafell – In addition to being the token cute character, Lalafell are gifted with intelligence.

[Lalafell]Dunesfolk_f_bust [Lalafell]Dunesfolk_m_bust [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_f_bust [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_m_bust


Miqo’te – These Mithra cat-human hybrids are hunters and stick with their own clan instead of mingling with the affairs of other races.

[Miqo'te]KeepersoftheMoon_f_bust [Miqo'te]SeekersoftheSun_f_bust


Roegadyn – Manly and muscular men with an abundance of facial hair.

[Roegadyn]Hellsguard_m_bust [Roegadyn]Seawolves_m_bust


Now take a look at the clans in various costumes. Gotta love the Lalafell in his little hat.


[Elezen]Duskwight_stand [Elezen]Wildwood_stand [Hyur]Highland_stand [Hyur]Midland_stand [Lalafell]Dunesfolk_stand [Lalafell]Plainsfolk_stand [Miqo'te]KeepersoftheMoon_stand [Miqo'te]SeekersoftheSun_stand [Roegadyn]Hellsguard_stand [Roegadyn]SeaWolves_stand

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