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A Closer Look At The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Flash Characters



Falcom shared more information regarding the first four characters of their upcoming game, The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Flash.


Rin Schwaltzer

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Rin is originally from an aristocratic family of the Northern Empire. He’s the adopted son of the Baron Schwartzer. Thanks to his straightforward personality, he has no problem socializing and getting along with others, but at the same time, suffers from an inferiority complex due to being adopted as a child. For that reason, he doesn’t believe he can succeed under his family name.


Seven years prior to the story, Rin trained under the master, Yun Kafei, and studied the Hachi yō ittō-ryū style. However, even after training under his master, he still feels limited to his abilities. He is determined to advance in the Thors Academy in order to follow his own path.


Arisa Reinford

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A young lady of the Reinford Group, known for being the empire’s largest heavy industry company. She has the appearance of a princess. Contrary to her looks, she’s outspoken and strong-minded. Deep down, she is softhearted, but can also be a meddling person at times. Arisa the type of person who can’t just watch other people in trouble and turn a blind eye.


She decided to join the military academy as a way to stand against her hardheaded mother, who is the president of the Reinford Group. While her family runs a business that deals arms, she selected archery as her military art at Thors. Thanks to the teachings of her grandfather and servants, she became quite the archer at a younger age.


Elliot Craig

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Son of imperial army general, Red-Haired Craig. Contrary to his father who is known as a fierce hero, Elliot is a gentle young boy. He likes to play the violin and piano and originally wanted to attend the empire’s music academy, but was forced into Thors academy by his father.


The magical wand Elliot uses was made by the Reinford company, which also incorporates Epstein technology. It is used as a requirement to further his training at the Thors academy.


Laura S. Alzeid


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Laura is the daughter of an elite military family who are on considered on par with the Vander family in terms of power. She’s a prideful young lady who lacks knowledge of the world around her but has no shame in it, and is ambitious to learn new things.


She was taught the ways of the sword by her father, who is considered a sword master. The Bastard Sword is her weapon of choice, which she has the ability to swing around freely. Thanks to her gifted and talented skills, she’s by far one of the best at the academy. As a fellow swordsman, she’s shown an interest in Rin and his Hachi yō ittō-ryū style.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated to be released in 2013 on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

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