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A Closer Look At Tokyo Xanadu’s Newest Party Member, Mitsuki Hokuto



Falcom recently revealed the fifth and newest member of the party in Tokyo Xanadu, as Mitsuki Hokuto, the kind-hearted daughter of a corporate giant, who will assist Kou and co. We now have a closer look at the girl, along with other characters.


Mitsuki Hokuto:

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As previously detailed, Mitsuki is a third-year student and class predient at the Morimiya High School. She’s the daughter of the “Hokuto Group,” a corporate giant that her grandfather is temporarily running after the passing of her father.


Mitsuki’s kind-hearted and has a calm personality, but also has some serious negotiating skills. They say that she knows about a connection between an organization called the Zodiac and the Other World, along with some information on the organization that Asuka works for.



Here’s a look at some of Mitsuki’s skills:



Shooting Skill: Innocent Edge


Aerial Skill: Wonder Staff


Heavy Skill: Hermit Shell

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X-Strike: Chaos El Dorado


You can read more details on her abilities and what they do, in our earlier report.


Seijuro Hokuto:


Mitsuki’s 70-year-old grandfather, and the current president of the Hokuto Group. He’s strict and hasn’t been too keen on his sons quarreling over becoming the successor of the company, but he has a sweet spot for Mitsuki, and even lets her handle some of the company business.


Kyoka Yukimura:


Kyoka Yukimura is the 27-year-old “cool beauty” secretary of the Hokuto Group, and is deeply trusted by Mitsuki. Kyoka performs her duties perfectly and supports Mitsuki’s work in Morimiya City. Mitsuki doesn’t display her deepest feelings to anyone, but she does with Kyoka, as she views her as an older sister figure.


She’s also a member of the Zodiac, and knows about the Other World. In order to protect the president and Mitsuki, she’s been training herself for battle.



After a technological revolution 70 years prior, the economy and industry were led by a group of 12 giant companies. By “using the Other World” the Zodiac had more influence and power than a nation, but they don’t display this on the surface, and avoid interfering with disputes among other nations.


Companies from various countries work together and compete with one another as part of the Zodiac, where they develop and work on things such as new energy, the Guidance Network, Xiphone, and various other things that come from the new materials found in the Other World.


The Hokuto Group and Amano Corporation are two companies of the Zodiac that are based in Japan. Hokuto has been there from the start, and Amano recently joined after having replaced another company several years prior.


The Zodiac cooperate with Nemesis when it comes to new technology and Soul Devices, but they don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to how they handle the Other World


Tokyo Xanadu will release in Japan on September 30, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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