A Day in the Life of Sonic Video Series Begins With Visiting a Shrine

A Day in the Life of Sonic

The official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube account has uploaded a video of a Sonic plush taking a stroll outside. The video is part of a new “A Day in the Life of Sonic” video series where the character visits various real-life locations in Japan. The first video features Sonic visiting a local shrine in Shinagawa, Japan. [Thanks, Gamer!]

The video series started with the idea of putting Sonic the Hedgehog into everyday situations. In its inaugural video, Sonic takes a short visit to a local Japanese shrine as part of the new year ritual. Sega reportedly plans to upload videos regularly throughout the year. Furthermore, the official YouTube account is open to any recommendations or ideas of where to visit next. Users with ideas can comment in the YouTube video’s replies for a chance to be selected.

Similarly, the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account recently posted pictures of a Tails plush during a mountain hike from last year. This could indicate that characters plushes other than Sonic could appear in the video series at a later date.

You can check out the A Day in the Life of Sonic video below:

Earlier this month, Sega released a TikTok filter where users could play a Sonic game using facial movements. Additionally, Sega released key art and logo for the upcoming Project Sonic ’22 and announced that it has several unannounced projects in development.

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