famitsu_01We’ve seen a lot of wacky Japanese crossover costumes and Famitsu is no stranger to those either. Phantasy Star Portable 2 had the "Iron Wall of Famitsu" which emitted a Weekly Famitsu logo if you blocked just at the right time.


Photo Kano Kiss has a ridiculous crossover too – a Famitsu bathing suit. You can get a Fukubukuro DLC code for Photo Kano Kiss with the May 30th issue that unlocks a photo session with a Famitsu swimsuit. Fukubukuro is a grab bag with a bunch of random items, usually sold as a discount to clear out inventory. The catch is you don’t know what’s inside until you open the package.


Photo Kano Kiss is out now for PlayStation Vita.


famitsu_02 famitsu_03 famitsu_04

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