A Fighting Game That Pays Tribute To 1970s Kung Fu Movie Stars


Have you ever wanted to play a fighting game that let you find out who would win in a fight between various 1970s kung fu movie stars? New York-based Jae-Lee Productions did. And so the tiny studio made Kings of Kung Fu to satisfy that desire.


Now available on Steam, Kings of Kung Fu has 14 playable characters and one boss character, with more than 100 unique moves per fighter, 15 stages, local multiplayer, and controller support. Each character has their own fighting style according to who the movie character they’re based on too.


None of the characters have the names of the martial arts movie stars they’re based on but you can tell who is who if you have a working knowledge on the topic. Bruce Lee is in there. Jackie Chan. Jim Kelly. Chuck Norris. Jean-Claude Van Damme. Angela Mao Ying. There’s a complete list here.


The developer also notes that the game is primarily intended as “a love letter to kung fu cinema firstly and a casual to mid core fighter secondly.” It’s a small passion project from a lover of martial arts films and videogames and so the developer wants to avoid giving the impression that it’s a game for the hardcore fighting community.

Chris Priestman