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A First Look At Dragon Quest VIII Screenshots For Nintendo 3DS



Square Enix recently announced a port for Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix have shared a first look at some screenshots of the game, in addition to a glimpse at some of the new features in the upcoming 3DS version.


002 003

The above is a little look at exploration in the world of Dragon Quest VIII, where you can see a bit of the map on the bottom screen.


004 005 006

Battles against monsters.



And the adventure with comrades.


Most of Dragon Quest VIII for Nintendo 3DS is based on the original PlayStation 2 version as far as worldview and story goes, but the 3DS version has a few enhancements and additions over the PS2 release in Japan. The music is fully orchestrated by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra.

Additionally, Dragon Quest VIII is the first game in the main-numbered series with voiced scenes, and Square will be adding voices to all the events in the game this time around. Here’s a look at some screenshots for some of the key characters:















Princess Medea:





016 017


Dragon Quest VIII will also make the following characters playable. They previously appeared as key characters in the PlayStation 2 version of the game.








With the addition of two new characters in Red and Morrie, that means there will be several new story bits added to the game surrounding those two.


020 021

As previously reported, some of the new scenarios include one that focuses on the jester Dhoulmagus, along with another one that centers around the childhood of the protagonist.


Finally, Dragon Quest VIII will also add some sort of StreetPass feature, which is said to be a unique one, but we’ll find out more about it in a later report on the game.


Dragon Quest VIII will release in Japan on August 27, 2015. The game will have two save slots available.

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