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A Fold Apart Solves A Puzzling Long Distance Relationship By Folding The World


A Fold Apart seeks to explore the challenges of long distance relationships through puzzles, having players fold and flip a papercraft world in order to bring a lonely couple closer together.


A Fold Apart requires players manipulate the world the characters are in so that they can bring them together. Any given puzzle can be flipped, folded, and unfolded in any position, letting players shuffled platforms and positions until they can bring their characters closer together. As they progress, gravity, movable blocks, and vanishing platforms will add further challenges, and vertical folds and paper rolling will also add new means to solve the game’s puzzles.

A Fold Apart delves into how distance can create difficulty in a relationship, drawing inspiration from the developer’s own story of long-distance relationships. The game follows the story of Alex and Sam, two people whose careers have brought them down different paths, but explores how love and determination, through these puzzles, can help them keep themselves together even if the world moves them apart.

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A Fold Apart is raising development funding on Fig.

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