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A Hat In Time Nintendo Switch Port Will Get Seal The Deal DLC



There is good news for people who are excited about the A Hat in Time Nintendo Switch port. That version of the game will also be getting the Seal the Deal DLC. Gears for Breakfast revealed the news and shared some screenshots from that version of the game on Twitter.


The Nintendo Switch version of A Hat in Time was first announced back in August 2018 when the PC version of the Seal the Deal DLC was first announced. This add-on gives people a Death Wish difficulty mode that can be unlocked with 27 Time Pieces and a The Arctic Cruise chapter that can be unlocked with 35 Time Pieces. Once you unlock the new area, you get to go through three new acts and take care of six new Time Rifts. The extra challenge mode means more camera filters, dyes, flairs, and outfits to unlock.


As a reminder, the Gears for Breakfast is exploring options to bring Seal the Deal to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of A Hat in Time. It noted on the game’s official website that, “Due to certain circumstances we aren’t able to use the same methods we used to bring the base game to Xbox One and PlayStation, but we will continue to explore options.”


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A Hat in Time is immediately available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version is “coming soon,” according to Gears for Breakfast’s support page.

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