A Light In Chorus Will Have You Exploring The Secrets Of Ghostly, Overlapping Worlds



A Light In Chorus is a meditate first-person exploration game in which you make choices that affect how you bring its ghostly, overlapping worlds to life. It’s currently up on Steam Greenlight.


What’s striking about A Light In Chorus is how its worlds are presented. It’s made to resemble point cloud scanning, meaning that 3D space and objects within it are illustrated by thousands of light particles. The aim of the team is for it to be a “sensorially rich environment”—a collage of space, sound, and light—that’s so beautiful you can’t help but relish in exploring it. It’s best to see it in motion so check out the trailer above if you haven’t already.


While you wander this strange world, you’re able to manipulate how the light particles are arranged, birthing new pockets of different realities. By redefining the environment in this way you unlock the secret stories of the animals inside.


Unfortunately, A Light In Chorus isn’t due out for Windows and Mac until 2016. But you can help to bring it to Steam by voting for it on Greenlight.

Chris Priestman