A Light In The Dark Asks Players To Try To Understand Their Kidnappers


Hao-Chen Jiang awakens in a strange room, finding he has been kidnapped by some mysterious people, including a fierce young woman he can speak with during his imprisonment in visual novel A Light in the Dark.


Hao-Chen Jiang has a few options open to him while waiting for his family to pay a ransom to his kidnappers. Players can have him search around the room for items that can help him formulate an escape plan, although this can be quite tiring, draining his stamina, which players must manage.

Another focus is on the kidnappers themselves, which the player can speak with. In doing so, they can get to know these people and their struggle to keep surviving. In doing this, the player can perhaps build up a rapport with those characters, as well as get to know why they were kidnapped and what these people hope to gain from it.


A Light in the Dark is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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