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A Look At How The Great Ace Attorney’s Animations Were Created



The Ace Attorney series is known for some of its  poses and motions seen throughout the series, and Capcom are trying to make things even more dynamic with The Great Ace Attorney. Here’s a look at some rare footage that shows how they’re creating some of the character motions for the game.



The above is a look at Shiotsuki Shuu, former actress of the prestigious Japanese all-female theater troupe based in Takarazuka of Hyogo Prefecture Japan. Capcom got her to do a few motions, with the video showing an elegant bow. Can you guess which character this is for?



If you guessed Baroque Vanzieks, Ryunosuke’s main rival, also known as the “Death God” of The Old Bailey, give yourself a pat on the back. As you can see, his motions fluidly match that of Shiotsuki Shuu’s in the previous video.




She also does some pirouettes and other poses in the next videos, but I’m not exactly sure who will use these motions. Maybe Naruhodo has a strange way of celebrating after winning a case or getting himself out of trouble? Okay, maybe not, but that would be pretty funny.


The Great Ace Attorney will release in Japan on July 9, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. You can look back at our earlier report for more details on Baroque Vanzieks, and why they calll him the Death God of The Old Bailey.

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