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A Look At Youkai Watch’s Battle System



Level 5’s upcoming monster and ghoul befriending RPG, Youkai Watch, will have other youkai to battle in Sakura New Town.



You can pick the three youkai to go in battle using the touch screen on the3DS. Knowing the situation and what kind of enemies you’re fighting will be a key factor in deciding which youkai to go with, as each one have their own traits with their own strengths and weaknesses.


2013-03-15_185256 2013-03-15_185356

The "Aim" command is used by pinpointing the crosshair at enemies by using your stylus for a concentrated attack. Enemies may go into a guarding stance, in which players can use Aim to focus on a different target.



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Your youkai buddies can also do special attacks once they build up enough Youkai Power to unleash a powerful attack. You can check how much Youkai Power each character has accumulated by touching the small blue will‐o’‐the‐wisp icons.



The youkai all have their own special attacks, the above picture shows the youkai cat, Jibanyan, using his “Hundred Paws Shot” attack.


2013-03-15_190440 2013-03-15_190427

By spinning the character wheel on the touch screen, you can rotate through the party members. Knowing when to switch out the youkai members from your party against the right enemies will be a crucial part of winning fights in Youkai Watch.



By befriending different types of youkai you can make a versatile crew that can take on the other monsters in Sakura New Town.


Youkai Watch will be aiming stores this summer on Nintendo 3DS.

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