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A New Shark Dragon Monster To Be Hunted In Monster Hunter Frontier G



Capcom recently announced an upgrade for Monster Hunter Frontier G and revealed a new shark-like dragon monster with a saw nose.


Here’s a look at Anolupatys, the new monster, which will terrorize Hunters in world of Monster Hunter Frontier G.

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Not much is known about Anolupatys or its habitat, but judging by its mixtures of dragon and shark features, along with the background seen in the above screenshot, it appears to dwell in icy areas. Its long saw-like nose especially looks like something you’d want to avoid!



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The premium package for Monster Hunter Frontier G includes plenty of extra content such as bonus weapons and armor. It also contains a coupon for the game’s subscription.


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There are a few extra in-game related items that will be revealed on the release day.



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Iyel Raigo and Caleto Raigo Greatswords


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Jial Liago and Bur Liaro Hunting Horns

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Kirino Touri and Vure Touri Bows




Magos series armor, Blade Master on the left and Gunner to the right.



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Monster Hunter Frontier G is slated to be released on April 17th, on Xbox 360 and PC.

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