A Pixel Story Retells Video Game History On March 30th



Lamplight Studios will be launching the BAFTA-nominated 2D puzzle platformer A Pixel Story on Steam for PC on March 30th. It’ll cost $11.99.


It has you playing as a pixel that has to make its way across seven worlds that each pay homage to a different generation in video games. It starts off with a world not much more complex than Pong, and then progresses through the bits until it gets somewhere closer to modern day games.


Along the way you’ll find a magical teleportation hat, collect thousands of coins and gems, and take on optional challenge rooms if you’re up for some tougher twitch platforming.


A Pixel Story was originally prototyped in nine weeks and that initial version bagged its five-person team a BAFTA Ones To Watch award nomination. Then, at the Dare to be Digital 2012 student design competition, the team was awarded £25,000 in prize money to develop their game idea with Channel 4.

Chris Priestman