A Platformer That Could Make Good Use Of The PS4’s Touchpad, Wii U’s Touchscreen



Solo developer Nachobeard has released a video that explains how his upcoming platformer Cerulean Moon works. It’s not your usual platformer.


As Cerulean Moon was made with touch controls in mind, Nachobeard has taken a different approach to character movement – that is, you don’t move the character at all. Well, technically you don’t. What you do is move the world around the character by sliding your finger across the screen, left and right, which gives you a surprising degree of control especially when the character falls.


It seems that most of the levels are designed so that you have the character fall down from top to bottom through trap-filled temples. On the way down you have to time it so that they don’t land on spikes, or fall into the paths of fireballs or scuttling bugs. However, some levels use water geysers that allow the character to move upwards too.



While Cerulean Moon is obviously made for iOS and Android as they use touchscreens as their primary interactions, Nachobeard notes that it could work very well on the DualShock 4’s touchpad for PlayStation 4, as well as on Wii U due to its GamePad’s touchscreen. So you never know: perhaps we’ll see Cerulean Moon on consoles too – a touch-only platformer.


You can track the development of Cerulean Moon on Facebook, Twitter, IndieDB, and Nachobeard’s website.

Chris Priestman