A Quickfire Strategy Game In Which Killing Your Opponent Is Optional



Monogon Games knows that the strategy game genre can be quite unwelcoming at times – all those cluttered interfaces and numbers flying everywhere. So, with its own take on the genre, the IGF-nominated online multiplayer RTS Interloper, the studio designed for matches to be played in less than five minutes and to be accessible even to those who don’t enjoy the genre.


This is achieved by making the victory condition of killing your opponent optional. The other and preferred way of winning matches is to take over the entire map. You’ll need to predict your opponent’s movements, taking chances, in order to win in these fast-paced matches.


To explain more fully, Interloper is played on a grid with each player taking on the color of their alien tribe as they try to claim this newly discovered land for themselves. Claiming a patch of land is done simply by moving over it with your odd fish-like being.



Around the map are power sources that you can turn on, and then connect to your base in order to generate drones that will attack enemy drones and take their territory. Alternately, drones can be invested to produce more powerful units that will have a better chance at defending against your opponent’s drones.


You learn how it all works in a minute or so while playing as the idea was for Interloper to be a game that didn’t need an extensive tutorial. If you want to check it out you can purchase it on Steam, Playism, and the developer’s website.

Chris Priestman