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A Slew of Popular Digimon Appear in Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode


In addition to previously announced new arrivals, many more popular Digimon will be present in Digimon World Re:Digitize as well. Included are entries from the ImperialDramon line, including PailDramon, ImperialDramon Fighter Mode, XV-mon, Stingmon, and ImperialDramon Paladin Mode. Screenshots of these Digimon can be seen below.


XV-mon is the evolution of V-mon that is said to be the original species that V-Dramon originated from. Its punches and kicks are powerful enough to break boulders the size of mountains.


Stingmon is an unusual Insect Digimon in that it is humanoid. With high intelligence and quick reaction time, he specializes in silencing his opponent in one strike.


PailDramon is the classic DNA evolution of XV-mon and Stingmon that combines the two. It has both speed and power that it inherited from Dragons and Insects.


ImperialDramon (Fighter Mode shown above) is the evolution of PailDramon. It is an Ancient Dragon Digimon with high intelligence. When it transforms into Fighter Mode, it unlocks all of its power—said to be enough to destroy a planet.


ImperialDramon Paladin Mode is the fused form of Fighter Mode and Omegamon. With Omegamon’s Holy Knight powers, Paladin Mode is the legendary Holy Knight Digimon said to have started the Royal Knights (although, he himself is not a part of the group, and is unlikely to be a character in the scenario). This is ImperialDramon’s final form.


In addition, scans from the August edition of V-Jump magazine show three new Digimon that will appear in the new game scenarios. Appearing in the Demon Lords arc is Lucemon (with a new illustration). Despite his childlike appearance, he holds a great power. Apparently Barbamon has a hand in causing Lucemon to fall and evolve into his third stage, Lucemon Falldown Mode—also known as the Demon Lord of Pride.


Meanwhile, appearing in the X-Antibody arc, Death-X-mon is a fearsome Ultimate (final) level Digimon who wishes only to destroy the Digicore within every Digimon. He evolved from DORUmon when, after evolving far too many times, DORUmon’s powers started running out of control.


(Some background information: According to previous Digimon mythos, a Digicore is what makes every Digimon unique and contains the code that makes up each Digimon. When the core is damaged, the Digimon dies. Usually Digimon can copy a portion of their data into their reincarnated Digiegg before they die, but if the Digimon dies from unnatural causes such as sickness or battles, there is no such opportunity and the previous incarnation’s memories are lost.)


Finally, also appearing in the Demon Lords arc is a completely new Digimon. Ogremon was once nothing more than a servant to Barbamon, but through the **power of friendship**, he tries to do what’s right and evolves to his final form to save the protagonists—Titamon. Ironically, despite his rather noble reasons for evolving, Titamon is born from all the malice against a group of Digimon called the Twelve Olympian Gods. His infinite power has earned him the alias of One-Man Army. You can also raise Titamon as a partner.