A Special Eevee And Tamagotchi Collaboration Digital Pet Appears To Be In The Works



A new image has surfaced in Japanese imageboards showing what appears to be a special collaboration between Pokémon’s Eevee and Tamagotchi for a new digital pet. [Thanks, Serebii.]


Based on what we see in the above image, the Eevee x Tamagotchi digital pet comes in the form of the Tamagotchi Nano. It comes in a brown “Daisuki Eevee” version that has an Eevee on it and a pink “Colorful Friends” version that has images of its evolutions.


The digital pet will let you raise your own Eevee, which requires feeding it Pokémon Food, cleaning up its hair, and more. Depending on how you take care of Eevee, you’ll get one of the eight evolutions. There are also different Kinds of Eevee, such as the Team Rocket Eevee and Ditto Eevee.


No further information is available for now, but since it has yet to be confirmed, we’ll take it with a grain of salt until further notice.

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