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A Taste Of What You’ll Get In The God Eater 2 Demo


As previously reported, the upcoming demo for God Eater 2 will feature some new Aragami and skills to test out in anticipation of the game’s release this November for PlayStation Vita and PSP. gives us a closer look at what we’ll be seeing in the demo, along with a look at some new skills and characters.


Here’s a closer look at Aragami Garm and Ien Tsuii:




This wolf-type Aragami has a body that is covered in solid stone with its characteristic red hair. Contrary to its heavy appearance, Garm actually has an unbelievable sense of alertness and agility, and also boasts a powerful strike from its arms covered in solid rock, resembling a gauntlet.


Ien Tsuii


Not much has been revealed about this bird-like Aragami, however, it has been reported to have the ability to direct the hostility of all nearby Aragami towards a single God Eater.


God Eater 2 also feature special attacks called “Blood Arts” that evolve into stronger and cooler looking attacks the more they’re used by the player. While the demo version of the game will only contain a select amount of Blood Arts for each weapon, the full release will have over 200.


Here’s a look at some that will be available in the demo:


“Genocide Gear” (Long Blade)

“Crack Wave” (Buster Blade)

“Crimson Glide” (Charge Spear)

“Final Blow” (Boost Hammer)


Namco Bandai have also revealed a new character who goes by “Songstress,” and will be traveling with you and your group.




Yuno is a 17-year-old idol-like figure who is even well-known throughout the devastated world of God Eater 2. In order to promote the development of an independent settlement called “Satellite Base,” she has been cooperating with Fenrir’s publicity work, while traveling from city to city around the world.


Here’s a look at a few more key characters who’ll be part of the God Eater 2 adventures:


Ciel Alencon and Gilbert McLane

Nana Kazuki and Romeo Leoni


God Eater 2 is slated for release on November 14th for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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