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A Tour Of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash’s Thors Academy


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Falcom’s upcoming RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, takes place in Thors Military Academy. President Toshihiro Kondo previously shared some info on the school life, and now, 4Gamer has shed some more light on this prestigious school.


Situated in the center of the school is the main school building, which provides first- and second-year classrooms, faculty rooms, infirmaries, computer labs, and other facilities.

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Built for physical training, the gymnasium provides a dojo, indoor swimming pool, gym, firing range, and of course, male and female shower rooms.

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On the first floor of the student assembly hall are the dining hall and store, whereas on the second floor are the student council room and cultural club rooms. The third and top floor hosts salons for the noble students.


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The engineering hall is where all of the equipment in the school are maintained by the engineering club.

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The auditorium is a vast building built to fit the entire student body. The venue is regularly used to host the school’s entrance ceremony and autumnal festival, as well as musical and theatrical events.

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The library contains a comprehensive collection of books gathered over 200 years. Equipped with self-study spaces, many students study here when exams come around.

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In the open fields, students engage in sparring, mock battles, and other forms of physical training. Other activities practiced outside include horse riding and lacrosse.

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Lastly, there is an abandoned school building built during the Middle Ages. Beneath the building lies a vast labyrinth that may or may not host supernatural phenomena.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated for release on September 26 for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.