A Unconventional Japanese Style-RPG In Which Your Only Weapon Is Words



In the world of Last Word, the person who has the most power isn’t the one with the bigger muscles, or the swifter sword, but those who can get the last word in every conversation.


You play as photographer Whitty Gawship as she is invited to a party in the prestigious mansion of Professor Chet Chatters. The other guests at the party are all veteran conversationalists, each trying to gain power over one another, while you’re just a commoner. But it turns out that the reason for Chatters’s party is to show off his new invention: a one-way intercom.



With his invention, Chatters is able to get the last word in every conversation, and it also means that no one can leave until he says so. You need to investigate his motives and the reason as to why he invited you, a commoner, to his party. But to do that you also need to deal with the other guests.


To this end, you’ll need to battle the sophisticated guests using only words as weapons. It helps to collect topics to talk about by gossiping and unlocking mysteries in the world. You can also learn new skills and equip them as snazzy bits of clothing, such as a bow tie.



Last Word was originally conceived in June 2014 for the Indie Game Maker Contest (you can download the original entry here). It has since then been developed further and consulted by To The Moon creator Kan Gao for its final version due to come out on Steam on May 8th.

Chris Priestman