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Abaddon and Black Ooze are Still Slimy in SMT V

SMT V Abaddon Black Ooze

Today’s daily demon digests for SMT V focus on Abaddon and Black Ooze. Though the two may look similar–both of them essentially being large sentient goo–they come from very different backgrounds. Abaddon hails from the Bible, whereas Black Ooze is a monster from American pop culture.

The Abaddon video for SMT V starts with the Nahobino running around it, showing off the sheer size difference between the two. In battle, Abaddon can deal powerful physical and magical damage, as well as inflict the Poison status on enemies.

Black Ooze will appear as a Foul demon in SMT V. Just like in the Abaddon video, it starts with a size comparison between the demon and the Nahobino, though it’s not quite as imposing as Abaddon. Similar to Abaddon, Black Ooze can also inflict the poison status, as well as absorb an enemy’s HP.

Abaddon and Black Ooze mark the 156th and 157th videos, which means that we are getting ever closer to the final 214th. As always, here are the previous twenty entries in the series:

  1. Pisaca
  2. High Pixie
  3. Koropokkuru
  4. Parvati
  5. Chi You
  6. Adramelech
  7. Sarasvati
  8. Sukuna-Hikona
  9. Black Frost
  10. Jatayu
  11. Barong
  12. Leanan Sidhe
  13. Zaou-Gongen
  14. Belphegor
  15. Pazuzu
  16. Kikuri-Hime
  17. Mot
  18. Kaiwan
  19. Setanta
  20. Thoth

Shin Megami Tensei V will come out on the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 11 and worldwide on November 12, 2021.

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