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About Sakura Note’s Monochrome Battle System


    image The battle system of Sakura Note is reminiscent of the way a child views the world through black and white.


    The A button represents the “courageous” action, which in the case of a battle would be attack. The B button represents the opposite – in this case, evasion. You don’t get damaged, but the number of tears you get after you defeat the enemy, shown in a cyan bar at the top of the screen, decreases.


    When I say “in the case of a battle,” it means that these controls are reflected outside of battle. For example, you can do the “right” action with A when someone requests you to do something, causing you to actually do the action, or you can press B and kick the person.


    Simple, yet effective. That seems to be the theme Marvelous was aiming for: a game that reflects the way a child sees the world.


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