Absolute Drift Makes Drifting Look As Cool As It Feels



Absolute Drift is four-wheeled calligraphy. That is to say, as you drive its car around the swerving sky islands, leaving a serpentine tire trail in your wake, it’s as if you’re drawing. Have a look at it in the new trailer above.


Obviously, with a name like Absolute Drift, this is a game all about drifting. Hence, all the movements you make are curved. You snake around obstacles, spin around circles in a continuous skid, and take corners as if you were clinging on for dear life.


As it should be, Absolute Drift is not easy to get used to. If you want to score points, you’ve got to handle a car that doesn’t want to drive, it wants to drift. Turning the wheel will send you into a skid whether you want it to or not. You have to let go and master fighting against the car in order to work with it.



The result is something you don’t see in other driving games. You’re given playgrounds to amount points. Drive under low bars, through boxes that burst into red bouncing bits, attacking the track at a dangerous diagonal. And your tire tracks draw shapes onto the track behind you, and even into the air, if you go up a ramp and fling the car off it in an out-of-control pirouette.


Currently, you can pre-order Absolute Drift on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $9.99 on its website.  It’ll also be coming to Steam soon.

Chris Priestman