Absolver Is A Fighting Game Where You Seamlessly Battle Other Wandering Players



In fighting game Absolver, the player begins as a Prospect, someone who must prove their worth as a warrior by fighting the online opponents who wander the game’s open world.




As player explore Absolver’s world, they can seamlessly come across other players in the game. They can trade items with these players or befriend them as easily as they can start a fight, which fills any encounter with tension. Even if the encounter does lead to friendship, that bond can be broken by either player at any time.




When in the game’s third person, fighting-game-like combat, players will fight in real time against their opponent or opponents, using a combat style and weapon that the player has already set up through their Combat Deck. In doing so, the player will set up their own fighting style with the game’s available attacks, dodges, and parries, creating unique encounters with every player’s possible style.




Players can also fight in specific PvP arenas for additional rewards and glory, or can take their tenuous friendships down into dungeons to retrieve rare items and gear together.




Absolver is projected to release in 2017.

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