Ace Academy Visual Novel Features Mechs Outfitted With Hockeysticks


ACE Academy Mech

PixelFade’s debut visual novel Ace Academy puts readers in the shoes of an American who decides to go to school in Japan. Set in the year 2049, mechs called GEARs are the next big thing in sports, and the protagonist enrolls in Ace Academy with hopes of becoming a mech-controlling athlete.


ACE Academy Students


When the protagonist first arrives at Ace Academy, it’s clear the outdated GEAR brought from home won’t cut it. By developing friendly and romantic relationships, the game’s hero can find acceptance and the support needed to compete. Although it sounds like a drama-filled storyline, the developer has approached it as a lighthearted comedy that pays homage to the visual novels and dating sim games that have come before it.


ACE Academy Choices


Ace Academy has been released on Steam today. The storyline consists of four episodes that can be replayed to unlock different endings and scenarios. Players have the option to listen to the fully voiced dialog or read the English text.