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Ace Attorney 5 Limited Edition Comes With Phoenix Wright Figure And More


To celebrate the game’s release date of July 25th, Capcom have revealed a Limited Edition version of Ace Attorney 5, which will include a Phoenix Wright figure, a Phoenix Wright-styled Nintendo 3DS pouch, stickers, and one of three special edition game sleeves.


To break it down, the Limited Edition Ace Attorney 5 comes with:

  • Ace Attorney 5 game cartridge
  • 1/10 scale Phoenix Wright figure
  • Wright style pouch
  • Ace Attorney 5 chibi character stickers


The mini 1/10 scaled Phoenix doing his famous “Objection!” pose,  is made from figure makers Sentinel, who are celebrating Phoenix Wright’s return to the court after an 8-year absence from the action. The figure  can be compared to the Miles Edgeworth figure that came with  special edition releases for Ace Attorney Investigations 2, and it will be an exclusive item from e-Capcom for 9,990 yen (roughly $100). It can be ordered here.


Similar to previous special edition releases, there will be other editions such as the Figure Edition for 8,990 yen, which will include the figure and special sleeve. The Extended Edition can be purchased for 7,590 yen and it will include the pouch, stickers and sleeve. The regular edition will include one of the three special edition game sleeves.


Here’s a quick look at the three pre-order bonus DLC costumes we recently reported. Phoenix Wright is seen in his original suit from the first three Ace Attorney games. Apollo is shown sporting a casual outfit while Kokone has a younger look with her schoolgirl outfit.


Capcom have also updated their Ace Attorney 5 website with some new info regarding the prosecutor accused of murder, Jin Yugami.


Yugami is a prosecutor who is currently serving a jail sentence for murder. The public prosecutor’s office has nominated him to stand in court. Due to his controversial position, he causes trouble in the court, which has made him known as the “disfigurement of the legal world”.


Yugami specializes in courtroom tactics that involve psychology. He uses his sharp eyes to read the thoughts of others and plays mind games by speaking in a calm manner for a moment and then suddenly switching to a much more violent tone.

Ace Attorney 5 will be released in Japan on July 25th for Nintendo 3DS.


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