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Ace Attorney 6 Details Phoenix Wright’s First Case In Kurain Kingdom



With Ace Attorney 6 releasing this June in Japan, Capcom has begun to share more on the upcoming 3DS title, starting with a look at the first part of the game’s story. Here’s a look at Phoenix Wright’s first case in the game.


Phoenix Wright visits the Kurain Kingdom in order to meet up with Maya Fey, who is in training. While waiting for her to finish her training, Phoenix decides to go sightseeing with Bokuto Tsuani as his guide.



However, during this time, an incident occurs, where the Kurain Kingdom’s treasure, “Jewel of the Founder,” gets stolen, and the guard that was watching over it also got murdered.



017 018

With the testimony from the chief priest Pottodino who supposedly witnessed the incident, and the vision from the “Oracle of Spirits” that shows what the victim saw before his death, Bokuto is arrested under the charge of theft and manslaughter.




Kurain Kingdom trials are done through spiritual trials without any lawyers. That said, the defendants aren’t able to share their accounts, and are practically charged as guilty by default. Phoenix believes that Bokuto is innocent, and goes out of his way to defend the tour guide as his attorney.


019 021


However, just as Bokuto learns that Phoenix is a lawyer, his attitude completely changes, and he scornfully stops telling the truth about what happened. To make matters worse, Phoenix is told that if he continues the defense, there is a “Defense Punishment” that awaits. Just what could that mean?


Pottodino Niwakas

025 A devout believer of the Kurain teachings, and the chief priest of the Jiin temple. He treats his “Damaran,” an instrument of the Kurain people, as his partner, and he also uses it for the musical performance of  Reyfa’s ritualistic dance.


022 023

He uses his instrument and plays folk music when giving his testimony in the trial, which seems to work out in his favor as he charms the judge and spectators in court. He claims to have witnessed seeing Bokuto kill the victim.



As Pottodino stands as the witness to the case, he’ll perform his “Damaran” instrument for his testimony, but he seems to also be holding an important key to solving the case…




Mitamaru is Bokuto’s faithful dog. He’s usually comfortably hanging out in Bokuto’s bag, but when he sees his buddy in a pinch, he won’t hesitate to gallantly jump out and bark at whoever is causing trouble. He’s not only cute, but he’s quite the loyal dog. Again, Mitamaru has the prideful lineage of the Tibetan Mastiff. Perhaps we may see a big surprise from Bokuto’s faithful companion.


027 026


During the time of the incident, Mitamaru was inside Bokuto’s bag, although he seemed to have sensed something at the scene…


Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan on June 9, 2016.

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