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Ace Attorney 6 Reveals New Rival Prosecutor Nayuta Sadmadhi



Capcom updated the official website for their upcoming 3DS title, Ace Attorney 6, with a look at a new rival prosecutor named Nayuta Sadmadhi.


Nayuta Sadmadhi:


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A prosecutor of the Kurain Kingdom. As an international prosecutor, Nayuta is qualified to participate in trials around the world. He has a unique mindset towards trials, and believes that they’re ceremonies to mourn for the souls of the victims, and bringing judgment to the criminals as a way to relieve the said souls.

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Nayuta regards lawyers as people that get in the way of this relief, and challenges them with a strong feeling of hostility. He has a soft demeanor, and is usually talks in a graceful manner, but towards his detested criminals and lawyers, he expresses a calm yet merciless behavior.


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The official website also updated the system info, and reveals that Athena Cykes’ Mood Matrix program will be part of the gameplay in Ace Attorney 6.


Ace Attorney 6 will release in Japan in 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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