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Ace Attorney 6 TV Clips Show Us Little Interactions Between Phoenix And Edgeworth



Capcom is releasing Ace Attorney 6 in Japan this June, and they’ve provided a look at two humorous clips showcasing little interactions between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth in a couple TV spot videos.


Phoenix: That limited edition one is also being prepared.

Edgeworth: Hold it! What is this about?

Phoenix: It’s about the luxurious set of two short stories.

Edgeworth: I haven’t heard about that!

Maya: Hurry and pre-order!


Phoenix: Hold it! Objection! Take That!

Edgeworth: … what are you doing there by yourself?

Phoenix: It’s been a while, and it felt good…


Ace Attorney 6 will release for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on June 9th and will release worldwide sometime later this year.

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