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Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Character Profiles Detail Maya Fey And Ahlbi Ur’gaid



The release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is less than a month away, and Capcom has shared some in-depth profiles for a couple of the game’s characters over on their official blog. The two latest profiles detail Maya Fey, Phoenix Wright’s cheery assistant, and Ahlbi Ur’gaid, a young monk-in-training who also acts a tour guide for foreigners in the Kingdom of Khura’in.



Maya made her first appearance in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as part of a twisting and gloomy case that implicated Maya as a murder suspect. Despite Maya being initially accused of the crime – an accusation that Phoenix quickly clears after taking on Maya’s case himself – Maya soon joins forces with Phoenix to find the true murderer and bring them to justice. Following the sad circumstances that resulted in Phoenix and Maya inheriting the Fey & Co. Law Offices, Maya soon decided that she wanted to take on the role of Phoenix’s assistant. This new friendship born out of tragedy resulted in not only the offices being rebranded as the Wright & Co. Law Offices, but also helped lift Maya’s mood, soon bringing her back to her naturally cheery self. Maya’s unique ability to channel the spirits of the dead (which causes her physical appearance to change as a result), alongside her natural intuition and optimistic outlook, helped Phoenix through many of his early cases – though her channeling sometimes caused her more problems than it solved!


In Spirit of Justice, Maya has spent the last two years in Khura’in Village in order to continue her training as a spirit medium and perfect the Khurain Channeling Technique. However, all this serious training hasn’t dampened her cheerful personality in the slightest.



Next, Ahlbi’s profile describes him as an “energetic and industrial boy” who also possesses a vast knowledge of Khura’in’s history. He also carries “the tools of his trade” in a very large bag, including a sweet cake called “magatah’man,” which he always offers to the people he guides around the kingdom. However, as earnest and friendly as Ahlbi seems, he eventually becomes the suspect in a gruesome crime, as his profile explains further.


It’s hard to believe that this earnest boy could harm anyone, which is why it’s such a shock when he’s accused of both the theft of his homeland’s holy relic and the murder of a guard at Tehm’pul Temple! Even so, when Phoenix jumps in to defend him, Ahlbi’s friendly attitude suddenly changes when he finds out Phoenix is a lawyer. It seems the people of Khura’in really do hate lawyers, but Ahlbi’s resistance to Phoenix’s help makes things that much more difficult. How do you defend someone who doesn’t seem to want you to defend them?


We’ll be able to catch up with Maya and learn more about Ahlbi and his predicament when Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice releases digitally for the Nintendo 3DS on September 8th in North America and Europe.