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Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Character Profiles Detail Trucy Wright And Bonny de Famme



Capcom has shared two more character profiles over on their official blog. This time, the two characters featured are Trucy Wright and Bonny de Famme.



Trucy made her first appearance in the series in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, assisting Apollo through many investigations and trials. In Spirit of Justice, Trucy finally achieves her dream of putting on a professional magic show. However, when one of the performers is found murdered, Trucy unfortunately becomes the first suspect.



However, her assistant, Bonny de Famme, is ready to back her up. In addition to being Trucy’s assistant, Bonny is also her biggest fan and has a rather amazing trick up her sleeve: she can teleport from one place to another. Bonny’s presence on stage at the time of the murder also makes her a very important witness when it comes to Trucy’s trial.


To learn more about Trucy and Bonny, you can go here.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will release digitally for the Nintendo 3DS on September 8th.