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Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice Development Blog Discusses Visual Design And Special Effects



Capcom has shared another development blog for the upcoming 3DS title Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice. In this latest blog, we hear from a few members in charge of visual design and special effects.


First off, UI designer Reiko Nakano gives us a glimpse at what it was like having to create different fonts for the game. In Spirit of Justice in particular, the game needed two very different styles for the UI to help set apart the designs for the trial sections which take place in two separate countries.



Next, Chieko Akizuki shared a bit about her role as the lead effects artist in Spirit of Justice. In the game, trials which take place in Khura’in are conducted by a Divination Séance. An important aspect of this rite is the Pool of Souls in which a person’s last memories are channeled. Initially, however, Akizuki notes that they had various ideas regarding how to play out a victim’s final memories, including having the person’s spirit possess a puppet. In the end, they decided upon a pool of water, which led to Akizuki having to research many bodies of water to get the right idea of how to recreate the effect of water into the style of Ace Attorney.




To read more about both Nakano’s and Akizuki’s work in Spirit of Justice, you can go visit Capcom’s official blog.


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will release digitally for the Nintendo 3DS on September 8th.