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Ace Attorney: Spirits of Justice’s Post-Game DLC Chapter’s Theme Is Marriage And Time Travel



Capcom held a special live stream for Ace Attorney: Spirits of Justice earlier this morning, where they showcased a video for their recently announced post-game DLC chapter.


The video mostly features some of the characters talking about the special DLC chapter, “Turnabout That Goes Beyond Time,” which will feature Phoenix Wright, Larry Butz, Miles Edgeworth, and Maya Fey. You’ll need to clear the game in order to play this special chapter that will have its investigation and courtroom parts.


In the video, Edgeworth mentions that he got a letter saying that certain someone will “finally get married.” Phoenix says that his letter says that this someone has an “M” as an initial in their name, to which Edgeworth responds with “I-I wouldn’t know who that is” (because of Miles or his Japanese name, Mitsurugi).


Maya shares her hint saying that her letter reveals that the DLC chapter has a theme of marriage and time travel. Suddenly a familiar voice is heard. It’s Wendy Oldbag saying “our love story will finally be told, Micchan!”


It’s pretty funny seeing how her illustration is the same from the older game, which Maya points out. Wendy says that she heard that she’s getting married with Edgeworth, so she has arrived from the past world.


They have a little courtroom session where Oldbag claims that the only person that comes to mind with an “M” initial is Edgeworth, so she figured that it could only mean her marriage with the prosecutor. For this reason, she decided to time travel. Phoenix argues saying that even though this is a special chapter, time traveling is just too much. Oldbag counters by saying that it’s the power of love, and it goes beyond time.


At the 5:35 mark, we see another familiar face with Larry Butz (Masashi Yahari) who claims that he’s the one that will be getting married, and provided a video footage with the proof. However, the video shows someone else as the groom and Larry Butz being held back by security, so it doesn’t look like this wasn’t exactly the “proof” they were looking for.


Finally, Edgeworth points out that Oldbag’s illustration isn’t updated, meaning that she won’t be in the special chapter, and sending her back to her original world. You can hear her voice saying that she’ll give up on the special chapter, but she’s not going to give up on Edgeworth. Maya jokes saying that present day Wendy Oldbag is probably waiting for him just outside, and Phoenix ends it by saying “now that’s definitely love that goes beyond time.” The Judge says that we’ll just have to find out what happens for ourselves by playing the game and chapter.


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice will release in Japan on June 9, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS, and in North America and Europe in September as an eShop title.

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