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Ace Combat 7 Began Development In Late 2017 After A False Start, And Here’s The Explanation


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Ace Combat series producer Kazutoki Kono recently expressed thanks to the fans for supporting Ace Combat 7, alongside a heartfelt story across several Tweets that detail just how hard it was to get the game made.


Here are the highlights:



Ace Combat 7 is the first numbered title in 12 years.

From its inception, the project laid dormant for two years.

Because I had orders to prioritize F2P.

Thankfully, Ace Combat: Infinity was supported by fans for 4.5 years, and the team became certain that if it was on new hardware, Ace Combat 7 would be possible.

But the project died once. Because it was only something to be looked at.”



“It wasn’t something that could be presented to the fans that had thirsted for a new numbered Ace Combat title for such a long time.

It was a painful and bitter time. But at the very least, I wanted to avoid stopping development.

But the voices of the fans at the PSX announcement echoed in my head.

So I thought, we must redo it properly.”



“We were laughed at for appearing at PSX several years in a row.

People were making jokes like, “Is this really going to fly?”

But during that time, we were able to gain the possibility of adding VR. However, our first shot at it was a massive disappointment.

The days of suffering would pass by, one after the other.

The team and I became unable to see what lay at the other end of the goal line.”



“I made the hard decision to reboot development.

Even if it was for the fans, I caused my company, no, everyone related so much trouble.

Bowing my head, compiling a massive amount of info, persuading, pleading, explaining, presenting, and all that – I went crazy just working and speaking in order to move the plan ahead.

Then during Christmas two years ago.”


“Things began to come together.

Ace Combat 7 became a large-scale project. Because we were able to rely on outsourced development.

But slowly and surely, things started moving forward.

What gave me confidence was the former colleagues and main developers, who all came back together to form the team.

“Wait, we’re really doing Ace Combat?” That was a line I heard many times.”


“The two producers that fans are familiar with also returned together.

Honestly, up to that point, you could say it was one person being crazy all on his own.

“It’s fine even if this is the last one” I became unable to think about anything other than progressing forward.

There was one time where staff called my boss to get me off the project, and to ban me from entering the dev room. They said I demanded too much.”


“However, there was a superior who covered for me, saying that I wouldn’t say such things.

And from there, the days of suffering began once more.

The quality isn’t improving. It’s boring. There’s no reason to work on this part more than we already have. Even if we release it like this, it won’t make a difference. Opposition was everywhere.

And because we were part of a company, time and money was limited.”



“One day, the superior who covered for us asked to meet us.

“If you were to choose between cancelling or continuing Ace Combat right now, which option would be better for the future of the brand? Which option would be better for Ace Combat?”

Shimomoto and I immediately answered, “Continuing onwards like this.”

It was a sudden question, so we didn’t prepare for it.

The two of us began to see the finish line.”


“Right, then continue.”

Even if from an objective standpoint we were at our lowest point, they believed in us.

However, it was nothing but belief. We had to endure another round of suffering afterwards. We had to get the approval from the company for the project to go on.

I prepared a clean and concise document, where every word counted. And a short video that showed off the charm of Ace Combat.

Armed with nothing but those two things, I went to meet the executives.”


Ace Combat 7 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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