Ace Combat 7 won’t release until sometime next year, but series director Kazutoki Kono shared a look at its gameplay demo from E3 2017 with some commentaries for the game’s Campaign Mode, courtesy IGN.


The footage starts out with a look at the two types of control settings for players to choose. Standard is recommended for players new to the Ace Combat series where the left stick is used to turn the aircraft left and right. Expert is recommended for experienced Ace Combat players, where turning is performed via roll and pitch adjustments allowing for more realistic aircraft control.


Kono then takes us through the start of the campaign along, including a close look at the Hornet and its 4K textures. He then takes to the skies to give us an example of its flight action gameplay.


Ace Combat 7 launches in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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