Acrobatic, Slow-Mo Shooter My Friend Pedro Is Getting A Reboot


One-man studio DeadToast Entertainment has seen quite the success with My Friend Pedro. It’s a 2D shooter that emphasizes acrobatic moves and slow-mo feats and that was released on the AdultSwim website for free back in 2014. Now it’s getting a reboot.


This reboot is to be called – are you ready? – My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas. Blood? Sure. Bullets? Definitely. Bananas? Hmm. Oh, yes, there are bananas – in fact, it’s a banana that gives you advice in the game. A talking banana. A banana called Pedro.


Anyway, Blood Bullets Bananas shifts the balletic shooting from 2D to 3D. It’s still very much the same game, it being a side-scrolling take on the action scenes in, say, The Matrix and countless Hong Kong action flicks. But now it has depth of field.


You’ll also see in the trailer above that you can control two reticules two aim a gun in each hand rather than just having the single aiming spot of the original game. Not to mention there’s more environment interaction than before.


You can track the development of My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas on IndieDB.

Chris Priestman