gunloco9A sprint-action shooter? That’s what Square Enix is calling Gun Loco, a new third person shooter project in development for Xbox 360. Gun Loco’s levels are designed with objects to jump, duck, and vault off of while shooting. The game has an online multiplayer mode that supports up to twelve players.


Gun Loco takes place on a prison planet where intergalactic criminals run wild. Characters for the game, which include a convict wearing a rabbit head, were originally handcrafted posable action figures created by Brothersworker. These were scanned into the game to create the bizarre bunch of sociopaths seen below.


Square Enix has Gun Loco slated for release in 2011 only on Xbox 360.


 gunloco7 gunloco8  gunloco6 gunloco10gunloco11 gunloco12 gunloco1 gunloco2 gunloco3 gunloco4 gunloco5

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