Action Game Maker MV Announced For The West As Pixel Game Maker MV


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (7)

Kadokawa recently announced the latest of the Maker series with Action Game Maker MV for PC in Japan, and it’s been announced for the West as Pixel Game Maker MV. Here are some details and screenshots.


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (6)

Pixel Game Maker MV is a type of game creation software that lets you easily create your very own original action games, without any sort of programming skills or specialized knowledge whatsoever.

The action games you can create are limited only by your imagination.

The ability to use original materials and resources for character animations, background maps, sound, etc., allows you to create truly unique games.


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (1)

For the first time ever in the Maker series, you can now incorporate physics into the games you create.


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (5)

With Pixel Game Maker MV, you can create action games with multiplayer support for up to four players.

Up to four players can compete against each other or engage in co-op play


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (4)

Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (3)

Rotate, expand, and shrink entire screens and specific objects alike, and create particle animations with ease.

All sorts of features are included, allowing you to add motion video to backgrounds and much, much more.


Pixel Game Maker MV 51018 (9)

The game creation part of the game has been updated. The flow-style UI layout makes game creation easier and more fun than ever before!


Pixel Game Maker MV releases in North America and Europe in Summer 2018 for PC.

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