Action RPG Hakoniwa Explorer Plus Is Filled With Giant Monster Girls


Action RPG Hakoniwa Explorer Plus will have players acting as an unemployed drifter (with a gender of their own choosing), picking up odd jobs for townsfolk that seem to put them in constant danger from lethal monster girls.


The varied townsfolk of Hakoniwa Explorer Plus will offer players quests and hints about where dungeons filled with handy goodies can be found at. Players will want to do as these people ask, as life can get much more difficult if players fall out of favor with these characters.

Once in dungeons, players will use a variety of swords, axes, claws, bows, and other weapons to deal with ordinary monsters as well as monster girls from the game’s isometric viewpoint. They’ll also have access to consumable items that can make a big difference in battle, like damaging grenades, healing crabs, and liquids that can burn clothes away. These will all be useful in battles against giant monster girls, as these creatures can easily crush a player, devour them whole, or hug them to death with their special attacks if the player isn’t careful.


Hakoniwa Explorer Plus is available now on Steam and Playism.

Alistair Wong
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