Action RPG Kritika’s Mobile Version Adds A Ton Of New Stuff, Raises Level Cap



    Kritika is an action MMORPG for PC that also happens to have a mobile version. The mobile version’s in English and published by Gamevil, who’ve updated the game with a slew of new stuff including a new Inheritance system for transferring weapon upgrades between gear.



    Inheritance is a means to ensure old gear isn’t wasted entirely. Gear in Kritika’s mobile version can be enhanced with additional stats, which is the familiar longsword becoming a longsword +1. There’s an Enhancement limit for every item though, ensuring you can’t simply powerup weaker weapons and sic ‘em to a more powerful item forever.



    Most savvy gamers don’t bother upgrading the lower level stuff since it’d be a waste of money, resources and you’d just get new gear quickly anyway. The Inheritance system hopes to change that. With this, you’ll be able to transfer those enhancements to a new weapon.


    Using the paid currency of Karats you’ll be able to fully transfer all stats over (so a longsword +5 can give that +5 to a slightly-better-longsword) while using in-game gold will have a limit of three enhancement levels less. That’s… actually not too bad for a free player.



    This is going to be especially useful for those who’ve hit the previous level cap of 50 and gotten a good bunch of gear drops. The game is upping its levels to a new max of 55, which obviously comes with new zones and gear.


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    The new zone is called Bane Harbor, and is full of swashbucklin’ pirates as befits the title of the update “Wrath of the Pirate King”


    kt_en_1408271409103367 kt_en_1408271409103463

    That’s already a pretty meaty update, but like any good salesman, there’s more. Kritika is also adding a Tower of Tribulations area. This acts like a kind of ascending tower that you can climb, defeating mobs and bosses along the way like a challenge zone. This will also however drop the Inheritance items you’ll need to do item enhancement transfers.


    Kritika for mobile is out now on iOS and Android.


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