Japan’s Latest Mobile Game Craze Is White Cat Project, With 12 Million Downloads


White Cat Project, from Colopl, is growing at a phenomenal rate. The game has reached 12 million downloads already since its launch on July 14th. [Thanks Kantan Games]

The game skyrocketed almost immediately upon launch, with one million downloads just ten days after launch. And kept climbing weekly by about a million each week. That’s impressive for a currently Japan-only mobile game.

While playing mobile games with just one finger isn’t exactly new, the way White Cat Project goes about it is slightly different. Attacks, movement and so forth are done by swiping the thumb across the screen or tapping without having to move too much. This keeps the hand steady on those bumpy train rides for the other to hang on to a pole or hand grip. Also, for an action RPG, it’s one of the few that lets you play in portrait mode.

Players can also group up into parties of four online for real-time combat together, including taking on big bosses for shiny treasures. For those times when you just want to take a break, it also features a simulation section where players can slowly build up their village that’s floating on a rock in space.

White Cat Project is out now on iOS and Android.