Adventure Game StarFlint Features A Ragtag Crew Of Aliens & Criminals To Recruit

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Adventure game StarFlint the BlackHole Prophecy stars failed smuggler Flint and special agent Trixie, but those aren’t the only characters players will be able to bring on their humorous galactic quest. As they roam planets and complete quests, they’ll also be able to bring in other aliens and criminals to their company, filling a small facility with exotic, unique employees.



Players are free to explore eight different planets in StarFlint, following up on whichever clues, mysteries, or quests they find. These quests might also offer different solutions to the game’s various puzzles and complications, as the developers promise there will always be at least two ways to solve any given problem.


While exploring, Flint and Trixie will come across characters from various alien races. These people can be brought on board to work with them, sent to a facility the player can customize to entice these NPCs to come work for them. Doing this will open up new story routes, relationships, and dialogues with these characters, as well as alter the game’s ending.




StarFlint has a serious side involving loss and mature relationships, but it’s not without a sense of humor, often offering ridiculous situations or offering silly replies when the player tries to use the wrong item, or interacts with something multiple times.


Despite not meeting its funding goal last year, StarFlint has returned to Kickstarter, this time with a new demo for players to try. Potential players can also learn more about the game’s characters from StarFlint’s site.

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