Ugly aliens and villainous space sloths. Yep, Jacob Janerka and Jonas Kjellberg have put their amusing point-and-click adventure Paradigm up on Kickstarter, where they’re looking for $14,000 in funding for the final parts of the game’s development.


I was sold on the idea of Paradigm from the get-go. You play as an unattractive but over-confident mutated guy known as Paradigm. His task is to pass a number of trials in order to overcome the – and get this – “insecure yet tyrannical” sloth, Olaf. Yes, a sloth. It wears a little wig, too.


It all takes place around the post-apocalyptic world of Krusz, which Janerka tells Siliconera is a mix of Eastern Europe and elements taken from the ‘70s and ‘80s. If you’re a fan of comparisons, he also likens the art style to “Pixar meets Fallout”.


While Paradigm is thoroughly traditional in its point-and-clickiness, where it stands out (if it wasn’t obvious already) is in its colorful world, humor, and bizarre characters.


“Some of the characters you meet in the game include a traffic cone head superhero, an evil sloth, a 40-year-old space cadet, sentient water robot and a professional wrestling pug,” Janerka told Siliconera.


If you want further proof of the game’s appeal, check out the video at the top of this article, or download the Windows alpha demo (direct download link). There will also be Mac and Linux versions of that demo soon.


You can grab yourself a DRM-free copy of Paradigm on Kickstarter for $15 AUD, or for $10 AUD if the Early Bird versions are still available. You can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight, too.

Chris Priestman

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